Climate + Environment

As humanity increasingly suffers the impacts of a warming planet, no issue can be more important than climate change and the protection of our environment.

Yet these topics cannot be viewed in isolation. The impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss—and our response to them—are intertwined with our politics, economy, society and culture. Marginalized people feel the harms of climate change more severely while being least responsible for causing them.  

To convene conversations and facilitate action with all this in mind is a challenge, but it is necessary. And it can only be done with everyone at the table.

Upcoming events on this topic

  • Taco Niet | Just Climate Policies

    PFL 2021-2022, Equity + Justice, Climate + Environment, 2022, President's Faculty Lectures

    How do we address the climate crisis effectively and equitably? Taco Niet of SFU’s School of Sustainable Energy Engineering will discuss how evidence-based modelling tools are essential for making urgent climate policy decisions grounded in justice and equity.

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Past events on this topic

Featured content

  • Researching for Climate Justice

    2021, Summit Towards Equity, Climate + Environment, Equity + Justice

    Activists, researchers, policy-makers and solution-seekers come together to surface the challenges and opportunities of taking equity-informed approaches to climate research, solutions and policy development.

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