Future of Work

The way we work is changing. Technological advancements like AI and automation represent innovations for some and precarity for others. The stark divide between “essential” workers and those who can work from home was laid bare by COVID-19, as it also challenged the presumptions of nine-to-five office culture.

The future of work is murky, and it’s tied into our culture, politics, technologies and economies. We work with partners to tackle issues from the waning power of labour unions, to tech entrepreneurship, to universal basic income, to finding purpose in work.

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  • Working Precariously: The New Normal?

    2023, Economy, Equity + Justice, Future of Work

    Join report authors Iglika Ivanova and Dr. Kendra Strauss for a conversation about precarious employment and its unequal impacts on workers, families and communities in our province. Learn what precarious employment is, how widespread it is, and why it urgently needs to be addressed.

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