Public health. Mental health. Physical health. Spiritual health.

With our partners, we program engagements around the health of individuals and populations. We have addressed the COVID-19 pandemic and the overdose crisis. We have examined health care systems, drug policies and long-term care. And we have investigated the dangers of health misinformation in order to counteract it.

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  • Caroline Colijn | Infectious insights: Data, Mathematics, and Preventing the Next Pandemic

    Climate + Environment, 2023, PFL 2023-2024, President's Faculty Lectures, Education + Research, Health

    The President's Faculty Lecture Series 2023/24 will review the theme "Making a Difference for B.C." and explore a wide range of vital and important topics. In this lecture, Dr. Colijn will showcase how new data and new mathematics are setting the stage for preventing pandemics, and why the world needs public data about infectious diseases and their evolution.

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