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This article was published originally on News 1130 on November 10, 2015.

Surrey dreams up its future

150 people in Surrey who put together ideas for the city's future mulled over a pro sports team or entertainment centre

by STEPHANIE FROESE, November 10, 2015, news1130.com

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) — She grew up hearing people poke fun of the metro Vancouver city, but now a Surrey woman herself, Shauna Sylvester sees her neighbours as visionaries.

The executive director of Simon Fraser University’s Public Square organized a weekend event called Thrive with 150 community representatives to dream up what Surrey could look like in 15 years.

“Could Surrey have a major athletic team, a major centre for entertainment, have light rapid transit, attracting populations to come visit like downtown Vancouver does?” Sylvester said.

“The Surrey of 2030 is a place that has really wonderful parks and recreational facilities that are part of the city itself. It’s going to be a thriving job creator.”

Some of the future vision includes fostering Surrey into a hub of health and digital media innovation.

The ideas are now being compiled into a report ready for city councillors and the public to mull over.