Lauren Ireland| Published by Afewgoodminds

April 12, 2018

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain and the Future of Work – A Panel Discussion

Early in the fall of 2017, Associate Dean Andrew Gemino came to our very first Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) meeting to pass along some ideas for the year. One of those ideas was partnering with SFU Public Square to put on an event that covered the topical subject of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it. As the newly elected President of the GBSA, I made a note to start thinking about it for the spring semester, after the Holiday party had occurred of course!

SFU Public Square is an initiative designed to spark, nurture and restore community connections by creating inspiring dialogue within the wide-reaching community of Vancouver. The theme for 2018 was Brave New Work and more specifically, how do we thrive at work when technology is changing every day? The subject of blockchain technology fit in perfectly with this theme, as it has the potential to be a major disruptor to everyday work. The event was planned to be a panel discussion with industry experts to further explain the technology beyond Bitcoin.

As the GBSA was the main planner of the event, we sent out a survey to all Graduate Business students to get a sense of the areas they were interested in. Unsurprisingly, many students were interested in the disruption of the financial sector, along with the effect on supply chain and potential legal implications. This set the tone for the panel speakers that we reached out to. An important goal for me was to ensure that the panel had equal representation of males and females. Our panel in the end was 4 industry experts (with a 50-50 gender split!) that had expertise in finance, supply chain, law and technology.

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