Join CBC Vancouver's Anita Bathe and Stephen Quinn at the SFU Public Square's 7th Community Summit as Bathe hosts Face to Face(book) on April 16, and Quinn hosts Is Social Media Destroying Democracy on April 11.

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Updated: May 15, 2019

SFU Public Square’s 2019 Community Summit: Full Program

2019 SFU Community Summit runs April 10-18

Join CBC Vancouver's Anita Bathe and Stephen Quinn at the SFU Public Square's 7th Community Summit as Bathe hosts Face to Face(book) on April 16, and Quinn hosts Is Social Media Destroying Democracy on April 11. 

From April 10-18, 2019, the summit will examine how the proliferation of disinformation is impacting society and challenging our capacity to make informed decisions about our economic, social, and political lives. 

Confronting the Disinformation Age features a line-up of exciting, thought-provoking and timely events that will explore the future of truth in the age of disinformation, and CBC Vancouver is proud to sponsor the event. 

For a full list of events and for tickets please visit the SFU Public Square website.

This article was originally published by CBC News on March 26, 2019.