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November 08, 2018

The Tieleman vs Parker electoral reform debate before “the debate”

Jody opens the show!  Lynda is busy getting prepared for the BIG DEBATE tonight between BC Premier John Horgan and BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson on our electoral reform.  Many, like me, are waiting to cast ballots until this all important debate takes place at 7:00 pm here on CKNW -- Global, and CBC!  The moderators are Lynda Steele - which is why she’s not here today - and Stephen Quinn.

We want to get the debate action started a little early so we have -- a precursor, if you will.  Joining us by phone is Bill Tieleman on the No to ProRep side and Stuart Parker is in studio to argue for the Yes’s.


Bill Tieleman - No BC Proportional Representation Society

Stuart Parker - Instructor in International Studies at SFU/Former leader B.C. Green Party/Supports pro rep


This livestream was originally published by The Lynda Steele Show on November 8, 2018.