Images from Participedia entries: Participatory School Design (Method), Extinction Rebellion (Case), Horseshoe Bay Local Area Plan Multi-Stakeholder Engagement (Case), Microfinance in Uganda (Case), Participatory Slum Upgrading Process in the City of Buenos Aires: The “Villa 20” Case

by Jesi Carson | Medium

October 05, 2019

How to inspire the world in under 5 minutes

We’re facing some of the biggest challenges in human history — social, environmental, you name it — and our democratic institutions just aren’t cutting it any more. It’s no wonder many of us feel that democracy is in crisis. Participedia offers inspiration in the form of real-world examples of people stepping up, speaking out, and working together. From the top-down to the bottom-up, on you’ll find countless stories of people coming together to make the world a better place.

As a designer, I use participatory methods in my profession all the time. Creative engagement processes like Idea Jams help designers find out more about participants and collaboratively explore solutions to the challenges affecting them. For example, Vancouver Mural Festival, SFU Public Square, and the Vancouver Design Nerds recently produced the public Time Travellers’ Culture Jam, where participants were guided through hands-on prototyping activities to imagine a thriving future of arts and culture in the city. But that’s just my world. Public participation is all around us, and and it takes many unique forms.

By joining the Participedia community, you can share examples of participatory engagement happening in your world. It’s as easy as clicking “Quick Submit,” and it takes less than five minutes.

The stories on are proof that — not only is it possible to participate in positive change — but leading participatory initiatives in your community is often just as easy. By contributing to Participedia, you’ll help others realize that real change is happening right now!

Public participation has massive potential that has yet to be fully understood, and Participedia is an open source bridge to that knowledge. Your small, fast, and easy contribution will will get us one step closer to understanding why and how participation can revive our democratic institutions, and inspire people to create a better world together.

This is part III in a series on becoming a contributor to Participedia. In part I, an interview with co-founder Mark Warren, delves into the project’s creation and development. In part II, managing editor Scott Fletcher explains how Participedia can restore our faith in democracy through the wide world of “public participation.”

This article was published by Participedia via Medium  on October 5, 2019.