By Ian Bryce | Published by SFU News

Updated: May 15, 2019

SFU Researchers Tackle Disinformation with Innovations in Research

Throughout history, propaganda campaigns have spread false information to influence the public. Today, with information primarily experienced through digital technology, propaganda takes shape as ‘fake news’ and data manipulation According to the Edelman Global Trust Barometer, 73 per cent of people are worried about false information or “fake news” being used as a weapon.

To combat the rise of misinformation, Simon Fraser University researchers showcased their research on misinformation—and possible solutions—at SFU Public Square’s 2019 Community Summit Innovations in Research on Wednesday, April 10, at SFU’s Segal Graduate School of Business in Vancouver.

Hosted by Joy Johnson, SFU vice-president, research and international, the event featured presentations, in-depth discussions, and interactive demonstrations by faculty, staff, students and alumni. Research topics included fake news detectors, right-wing extremism, and disseminating academic research to the public.

Innovations in Research is part of SFU Public Square’s seventh annual Community Summit: Confronting the Disinformation Age. This year, the summit explores how the proliferation of disinformation impacts society and challenges its ability to make informed economic, social and political decisions.

On April 16, the summit continues with renowned thought leaders David Frum, Sue Gardner and Christopher Wylie speaking at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Frum, Gardner and Wylie will discuss how information is being co-opted, monetized and polluted, and how this impacts society. Tickets for the event are sold out but the event will be live-streamed.

For more information, visit SFU Public Square’s website.

This article was originally published by SFU News on April 15, 2019.