with Jody Vance | Published by Roundhouse Radio

April 18, 2018

Roundhouse Radio: Jillian Stirk Discusses Canada's World Survey Report

Jillian Stirk, associate at SFU Centre for Dialogue, and former Canadian ambassador, discusses the latest research on how Canadians as individuals see the wider world.

The Canada’s World Survey 2018 report and executive summary are now available. The survey was conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research in partnership with SFU Public Square, the Canadian International Council, and the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History. This research examines how Canadians as individuals relate to the broader world, asks about what they see as the top global issues, how they view Canada’s role in world affairs and what they think it could be.

This livestream was originally published on Roundhouse Radio on April 18, 2018.