Recording: 6 Degrees Vancouver

For refugees, immigrants, Indigenous peoples and settlers, notions of home are complex. In Canada — and particularly in unceded Coast Salish territory — questions of home, belonging, and who is welcoming whom are constantly scrutinized. Who is “home” in Canada and who is not? How do we reconcile home with place of origin? Are you home?

6 Degrees Vancouver explores the roles, responsibilities and the potential of Canada in 2017 to see whether we have our own house in order and if not, how we can shore up our foundations. Additionally, it brings together thinkers, doers, business executives, artists, politicians, and civil society leaders together in order to get them talking about what is really happening in the world.


9:15–10:45am - 360: FEELING AT HOME

Home suggests more than a physical space. It evokes belonging, shelter, acceptance, and sanctuary. But what makes any human feel “at home”? Canada houses first peoples and settlers, but is residency a guarantor of belonging? How do we embrace and respect different understandings of space and territory, and profound ties to other places and cultures, as we continue to co-create our forever unfinished nation? What are the cultural connectors that enable people to feel they belong in this vast place? Who is “home” and who is not?

2:00–3:30pm - 360: BEING AT HOME

Inclusion is deeper and harder to achieve than diversity. Are Canadian institutions drivers of an inclusive society, or are they establishments promoting pre-formulated values and agendas? How have structures and systems shaped the Canadian model? Have our policies served everyone fairly?
The popular narrative frames Canada as a sanctuary of equality. Is this the case? Has it ever been? How do we collectively recognize and address our shortcomings, while strengthening the structures necessary to nurture genuine inclusion?



Mon, 24 Apr 2017 9:00AM – 10:30AM
Mon, 24 Apr 2017 2:00 - 3:30PM