SFU students participating in the Future of Work in Canada: Emerging Trends and Opportunities on February 26, 2018. (Greg Ehlers, Simon Fraser University)

Classroom Partnership Program

SFU Public Square’s Classroom Partnership Program is a faculty-led, for-credit experiential learning program for SFU students. Each year, as part of the annual Community Summit, SFU Public Square works with faculty to identify courses with thematic linkage to the Summit theme and co-design opportunities that are relevant, appropriate, and implementable. Every partnership is unique and takes a different shape based on the course structure and content. Students in the Classroom Partnership Program get a unique opportunity to learn directly from nationally and internationally-renowned experts in their areas of study while discovering how their work can be applied in real world scenarios.

Here are just a few examples of the way that students can be involved:

  • Backgrounder Papers - Students write research papers that give context to an event before it takes place. The papers are promoted to attendees by SFU Public Square.
  • Research Interviews - Students undertake primary research by conducting interviews with community members. These interviews have informed coursework and been published as blog posts on the SFU Public Square website.
  • Content Delivery - Students take the stage at an event, presenting their research or participating in a panel discussion. 
  • Dialogue Facilitation and Knowledge Exchange - Students lead a group dialogue, learning valuable facilitation skills while gaining insights and perspectives from dialogue participants.
  • Volunteering - Many students volunteer at events, assisting the team with registration, engagement, and communications before taking in the event itself. Other students volunteer in the SFU Public Square office, assisting with a variety of research, writing, and communications tasks that lead to the development of events.

If you're an SFU professor, lecturer, or instructor who is interested in developing a classroom partnership, reach out to us! Even if the partnership does not directly align with the timing of the Community Summit, we want to hear from you. Contact Seth Erais at seth_re@sfu.ca

Past Partnerships

  • Paola Ardiles - HSCI 449 - Community and Health Service (Spring 2018)
  • Noah Quastel - LBST 308 - The Labour Process: Work and Technological Change (Spring 2018)
  • John-Henry Harter - LBST 301W - Labour Movements: Contemporary Issues and Images (Spring 2018)
  • Clare McGovern - POLI 121 - Political Engagement: From the Streets to the Ballot Box (Spring 2017)

What Faculty is Saying


“I was excited to work with Public Square as part of my Political Science 1st year course on Political Engagement. My students had the opportunity to volunteer for the 2017 Community Summit and interview fellow students on the ‘Who Needs Canada?’ theme. This was a fantastic chance for them to get real-world insight into the political debates that matter to Canadians, and ways to bring those debates to a wider audience. They also applied what they learned in their written assignments - working with the Community Summit meant they could compare the academic literature on political engagement with how things really work at the grassroots level.”

What Students are Saying


“I really appreciate SFU Public Square's effort to raise awareness towards labor issues and execute changes within workplaces. This was a great learning opportunity for me as a student and I would like to congratulate SFU Public Square for hosting a successful event!”