Student volunteers at SFU Public Square's 2019 Community Summit on Confronting the Disinformation Age

Volunteer with SFU Public Square


Much of what we do would not be possible without the time, skills and expertise of our volunteers. We welcome community members, students from all SFU departments, and even SFU staff, to join us both in our office and at events—virtually and in-person.

  • In-office volunteers support our research, communications, writing, design and social media engagement.
  • Event volunteers help with planning and logistics before an event, and with facilitation, note-taking and hospitality during an event.

Regardless of how you join our team, we take a strengths-based approach to working with volunteers: your tasks will be rooted in the professional skills and interests you bring to the program.

Why volunteer?

Whether you are a natural-born "people person" or would rather support from behind the scenes, your contribution will be valued. You will gain professional experience working towards community engagement, make connections within SFU and the community, and support conversation and action for social change.

SFU students who volunteer with us are also eligible to receive credit on their Co-Curricular Record!

Get involved

Fill out a volunteer application form to apply to become an SFU Public Square volunteer.

Our current volunteers


"In recent years, I’ve changed from being an Interested Member of the Community to one who is engaged in the planning, research and execution of events through SFU Public Square.

Being a regular volunteer with the SFU Public Square office provides me with an opportunity to develop skills around research, communications and interpersonal relationships. Because the people include a range of ages, skills and interests, I can learn something new, almost every day. Continuing to volunteer with SFU Public Square aligns with my personal development goals to increase my awareness of public policy discussions, and to develop new skills. Sometimes I feel like an outsider, as I’ve no prior relationship with SFU; but the community is open and welcoming, and we all support each other."

Some former volunteers


"SFU Public Square is a space in which you can build social capital, advance your interpersonal and administrative skills, and optimize your university experience. It is a symbiotic combination of a convivial and professional environment. Staff are accommodating and supportive of their volunteers as well as provide informative instructions for daily duties. It has been overall a splendid experience with SFU Public Square."


"When you’re volunteering for SFU Public Square, your supervisor and co-workers don’t view you as a volunteer, but rather, they view you as an active member of the community. They are there to support you every step of the way, and help you develop your leadership skills and discover your leadership potentials.

From the community engagement events and to the city dialogues, you get to learn about the social issues that occur in our community and the work that is being done to combat them. As an aspiring medical student, SFU Public Square has helped me gain the experiential skills that are seldom offered in classrooms and allowed me to connect closely with people from all walks of life. The experience that comes from volunteering with SFU Public Square is truly invaluable and I can attest to that!"


"I really enjoyed volunteering for SFU Public Square because it allowed me to get more involved in events both on campus and in our community. The events I attended were topical and focused on participation and dialogue, which connected to what I was learning in my certificate in Sustainable Community Development. I had a lot of fun also practicing and developing skills in graphic and website design and event photography. The volunteer and staff team are all extremely welcoming and the office space is a very positive and supportive space to work!"



"Volunteering with SFU Public Square has been invaluable, and by far my most favourite volunteer experience! I have had the opportunity to make new friends, work with many inspiring individuals and become more active within the community. If you’d like to improve your research, planning and networking skills, SFU Public Square is for you.

Overall, this experience has really helped me develop skills required to become successful. Things that would normally put me out of my comfort zone have become easy. I was able to learn what I was truly capable of. Thank you, SFU Public Square!"

Have you volunteered with us but don’t see your name here? Get in touch and we’ll feature you!

Connect with us

If you have any additional questions or comments about volunteering with us, please contact Seth Erais, Program Manager at