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SFU President's Faculty Lecture Series

President's Faculty Lecturer: Dr. Arne Mooers

Dr. Arne Mooers is Professor of Biodiversity in SFU's Department of Biology. Educated at McGill and at Oxford, with stints at UBC and the University of Amsterdam, Dr. Mooers has held fellowships at both Yale University and the Berlin Institute for Advanced Study, and is the past Chair of the Biodiversity Committee of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution. He has focussed his recent work on how evolutionary theory might aid conservation biology, with an emphasis on the Tree of Life. He also has an interest in public outreach and the proper use of evidence in policy making.

What to let go: Making hard choices in the age of extinction

Although we might not like to admit it, we may soon have to choose which bits of biodiversity we are willing to live without, and which bits we are willing to pay to keep around.  Science should be able to help.  One idea that is gaining currency is to do as Noah is said to have done with his ark, and preserve as wide a variety of biodiversity as possible.  If so, we can use the Tree of Life to help make our choices.  I will explain this philosophy and how its goals might be achieved practically, and introduce you to some of the whacky animals that are top candidates for extra attention.

Dr. Mooers was featured on CBC Radio. Listen here.  


Thu, 26 Mar 2015 7:00 PM


Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby
6450 Deer Lake Avenue
Studio 103


Event is FREE, but registration is required.