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About Our Volunteer Program

During your time as a volunteer, you will make contributions both on-campus and at events in the community. We believe learning is two-way; you will learn from us and we will learn from you as knowledge and skills are shared amongst our diverse team.

As a volunteer you will help to support our events, host tables at SFU and other events such as our annual Community Summit. You will learn valuable tools such as communications, facilitation, note taking, event planning and promotion, as well as data management and interpersonal strategies. Whether you are a natural born ‘people person’ who loves to interact or someone who would rather support from behind the scenes, your contribution will be valued.

Current Opportunities

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Meet Our Volunteers


"In recent years, I’ve changed from being an Interested Member of the Community to one who is engaged in the planning, research and execution of events through SFU Public Square. Introduced to programing through subscription to SFU Centre for Dialogue, I began volunteering with the Youth Summit in 2014. I saw an opportunity to learn more large organizational behaviour, and decided to become an in-office volunteer for SFU Public Square.

Being a regular volunteer with the SFU Public Square office provides me an opportunity to develop skills around research, communications and interpersonal relationships. Because the people include a range of ages, skills, and interests, I can learn something new, almost every day. Continuing to volunteer with SFU Public Square aligns with my personal development goals to increase my awareness of public policy discussions, and to develop new skills. One of the most fun skills I’ve learned: how to use live streaming on social media. Sometimes I feel like an outsider, as I’ve no prior relationship with SFU; but the community is open and welcoming, and we all support each other."


"If you are looking to learn about community engagement, event planning, and social networking, this is the perfect place for you! Here at SFU Public Square, there is never a moment of boredom. From attending interactive events to making wonderful friends, we've got them all covered! Be it City Conversations, Lecture Series, or annual special events, there are always more to be discovered here at The Square. With a dynamic staff team and a world of support behind our back, we work to knit tighter and more well-informed communities every day.

Having spent a year as an event and office volunteer here, I have seen countless smiling faces and visited many new places. I'm proud to be a part of a team that pushes me to become a better (and happier) individual and professional every day. I look forward to seeing you all out there as we kick off for another great year in the making!"



"My best volunteer experience is definitely with SFU Public Square. I started in 2014 as an office volunteer and helped with a variety of tasks including social media, design, events, and administrative work. Public Square played a large role in shaping the career path I want to take on in the future and the opportunities I had are also a great boost to my personal development. The welcoming and supportive team here creates the ideal working environment that made me come back to volunteering with Public Square after I had more free time."



“I've so been enjoying my time volunteering for Public Square; working as a part of an amazing team has been so inspiring, and has motivated me to get more involved in my own community. Getting into contact with so many other organizations through events and research has been truly eye-opening, and has made me realize just how much there is to discover and explore. Not only have I learned so much about the local Mainland and the experiences and concerns of people living here, I've also had the opportunity to develop my own skills, and to learn more about myself and my passions."


"I really enjoy volunteering for public square because it allows me to get more involved in events both on campus and in our community. The events I have attended are topical and focus on participation and dialogue, which connects to what I am learning in my certificate in Sustainable Community Development. I have had a lot of fun also practicing and developing skills in graphic and website design and event photography. The volunteer and staff teams are all extremely welcoming and the office space is a very positive and supportive space to work!"



"Volunteering with SFU Public Square has been invaluable, and by far my most favourite volunteer experience! I have had the opportunity to make new friends, work with many inspiring individuals and become more active within the community.  If you’d like to improve your research, planning and networking skills, Public Square is for you.

Overall, this experience has really helped me develop skills required to become successful. Things that would normally put me out of my comfort zone have become easy. I was able to learn what I was truly capable of. Thank you SFU Public Square!"


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