Canada in the Publishing World's Ecosystem

This year’s Emerging Leaders in Publishing Summit is back onsite!

We will spend five days focused on Canada’s growing opportunities in the International book publishing ecosystem with sessions on rights sales and exports in existing and emerging markets. The growing appetite for more books from more countries means international rights sales and exports is an exciting place to be.

Industry guests from across Canada and the US come together with SFU’s Master of Publishing students, publishing undergraduates, and professionals in The Writer’s Studio at Vancouver’s Harbour Centre campus for candid conversations and informal gatherings.

As our graduate students prepare to launch their publishing careers, the summit gives them an opportunity to talk real-world publishing challenges and work with the current leaders in publishing to brainstorm solutions. Together in the classroom veteran and emerging leaders have deeper level discussions and exchanges through panels, presentations, roundtables and one-on-ones. 

This exciting event now in its seventh year, brings together a diverse group of professionals and students in this unique and proven format for learning. 

Topics will cover everything from book design to digital marketing, giving attendees the tools and knowledge, they need to succeed in today's fast-paced publishing industry. In addition to the valuable educational opportunities, the Emerging Leaders in Publishing Summit also provides a platform for attendees to connect with industry professionals, build relationships, and expand their networks.