MRM (Planning)

REM students have the option of completing the Resource and Environmental Planning Program in REM. The REM planning program is accredited as a recognized planning program by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and the Planning Institute of B.C. (PIBC) Students who choose to complete the planning program, receive the degree of Master of Resource Management (Planning) and are eligible to apply for candidate membership in the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Planning Institute of B.C. in order to become certified professional planners. They may enjoy improved employment prospects, conference and workshop participation, and access to professional development programs.

For more information on the Planning Institute of BC, the Canadian Institute of Planners and planning certification.

Students in the planning program will complete the same number of credit hours required for the MRM degree. The required courses for the planning program are the same as those described for the MRM program, with the following exceptions: (i) students do not have a choice of taking either REM 642 or 644, they must complete REM 642 (Sustainable Community Planning and Regional Development); and (ii) students must complete the three additional required courses listed below in place of three electives taken for the MRM degree.

REM 602-5: Natural Resource Management II: Advanced Seminar
REM 641-5: Law and Resources
REM 643-5: Environmental Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Students who would like to enter or switch to the planning program must contact the Grad Program Assistant.