Co-Management Research Group

Welcome to the Co-management Research Group at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C.

The term “co-management” refers to situations where the administration and planning of natural resources is shared between multiple parties. The subject of management can be a single resource, such as a salmon stock, or multiple resources, such as are found within a protected area. One of the first mentions of co-management was the “Boldt” decision in the case of US vs. Washington state where Judge Boldt interpreted the treaties with Northwest Indian Tribes as a legal mandate for the joint management of fish and wildlife between the tribes and government. In Canada, government and First Nations are attempting to share in the co-management of natural resources such as caribou in the Canadian Arctic and a groups of islands off the Pacific Coast known as the Gwaii Haanas Hertiage Site.

The Co-management Research Group (CRG) is one of several graduate research groups within the School of Resource and Environmental Management. These groups offer students an opportunity to enrich their learning by providing a forum for applied investigation beyond the classroom environment. The CRG meet periodically to share ideas, to review recently published material regarding co-management, and to host guest speakers involved in real-life co-management institutions.