International Students


International students pay the same fees as domestic students at the graduate level.

Work Permits

International students may be eligible to work on and off campus. Additional information can be obtained on the SFU International website.

Visa Letter

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies provides the initial visa letter for students who have just been admitted to REM. All international students need a valid study permit before entering the country. This permit can be obtained through the Canadian Embassy of the student’s home country. More information can be obtained from SFU International.

Funding: Scholarships and Awards

Students who are not Canadian citizens and require financial assistance must seek assistance in their country of origin before arriving in Canada. Many external awards (ie: SSHRC/NSERC) are restricted to Canadian citizens or permanent residents. However, International students are eligible for most internal awards after they have been accepted into a graduate program. More information can be obtained from the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Awards website.

Review the Welcome Guide for international graduate students for additional information