Introduction to Alumni Mentorship

Welcome to the REM Mentorship Program webpage!  Here you can browse through this year’s mentors, and find out what the mentorship program is all about.

What is the REM Mentorship Program?

The REM Mentorship Program connects REM alumni with current REM students, with the goal of fostering relationships between those who are currently completing their REM studies and those working in the professional world.

REM students know a great deal about current research, what SFU is up to, and have a fresh take on environmental challenges (and solutions); the alumni know how they got to where to where they are, and can pass on advice on how to get there.

The Mentorship Program runs annually from May-September and is largely self-driven by the mentor and mentee. You and your mentor will decide on the goals of the relationship and the frequency and type of contact (in person, phone, email, skype, etc.). Both the mentor and mentee are asked to devote 2 hours per month to the program.

There are many benefits to participating in the Mentorship Program, such as:

  • Network with people out in the REM professional realm (several past participants have found jobs through their mentors!)
  • Learn about where your degree can take you;
  • Discuss other opportunities such as continuing education programs, diplomas, and professional development seminars;
  • Chat about your career ambitions, worries, questions, etc. etc. The alumni know what you're going through… they share your excitement and passion for REM and also feel your pain with workloads, thesis defenses, etc. etc.

Go ahead and start browsing through the mentor bio page so you can decide on your top 3 picks!

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