Adjunct Professors

Juan Jose Alava
B.Sc. (Universidad de Guayaquil)
MEERM - Master of the Earth and Environmental Resource Management (University of South Carolina)
Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University)
Principal Investigator (Research Faculty)
Research interests: Marine ecotoxicology, environmental Toxicology and Chemistry; food web-bioaccumulation modelling of pollutants (Bioaccumulation Science); climate change science, adaptation and mitigation; sea turtles and marine mammals’ ecotoxicology; marine ecology, conservation biology, tropical biodiversity and ecology, fishery science and management, impact of climate change in marine organisms and fisheries, population dynamics and conservation of marine mammals, biology and conservation of marine mammals, birds and sea turtles; field ornithology; aquatic microbiology; eco-toxicological risk assessment; environmental impact assessments and environmental policy, public health, tropical parasitology and environmental/conservation medicine.  

Jordan Benner
Diploma in Environmental Technology (Camosun College)
MRM (Simon Fraser University)
Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University)
Forestry Advisor & Research Director, Nanwakolas Council, Campbell River
Research interests: Forest management on ecosystems and human communities

Ashleen Benson
B.Sc. (University of Saskatchewan)
M.Sc. (University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (Resource Management, Simon Fraser University)
Visiting Scientist, CRMI member
Research interests: Fisheries science, marine conservation

Michael James Bradford
B.Sc. (Simon Fraser University)
M.Sc. (Simon Fraser University)
Ph.D. (McGill University)
Research Scientist, Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Special Interests: Effects of water flow on Chinook salmon.

Douglas Braun
B.Sc. (Simon Fraser University)
Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University)
Project Manager, InStream Fisheries Research Inc.
Research interests: Enumerating fish populations, fisheries management

Tanya Brown
B.Sc. (University of Guelph)
M.Sc. (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Ph.D. (University of Victoria)
Research Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Research interests: Marine mammal ecotoxicology, aquatic toxicology, marine ecology, marine conservation science, climate change, fish toxicology

Rob Buchan
B.A. (University of British Columbia)
M.A. (University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (University of Victoria)
Special interests: Sustainable Development, Food Security and Agriculture, Citizen Engagement, Revitalization, Affordable Housing, and Trail and Greenway Planning

Jenn Burt
B.Sc. (McGill University)
M.Sc. (University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University)
B.C. Marine Program Lead, Nature United
Research interest: marine ecology, marine conservation science, climate change, fisheries

Christine Callihoo
M.Sc. (Univeristy of Northern British Columbia)
Sr. Community Climate Resilience/Adaptation Planner

Trevor Davies
B.Sc. (Queen’s University)
M.S. (University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (Dalhousie University)
Fisheries Stock Assessment Specialist
Research Interests: Fisheries stock assessment

Dave Dunkley
B.A. (University of Guelph)
M.R.M. (Simon Fraser University)
Geoscientist / Project Manager, Metro Vancouver
Research interests: Watershed Management, Drinking Water, Water Policy and Planning, Environmental Impact Assessments

Lee Failing
B.Sc. (University of Manitoba)
MRM (Simon Fraser University)
Principal and Senior Decision Analyst, Compass Resource Management
Special interests: Integration of science and societal values in resource and environmental planning and management, application of decision science to deliberative processes, design and facilitation of collaborative planning and decision-making processes, structured decision making and adaptive management, project management of large multi-disciplinary projects

Gretchen Ferguson
B.A. (Political Science, Concordia University)
M.A. (Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (Geography, Simon Fraser University)
Associate Director, Programs & Partnerships, Office of Community Engagement, SFU
Research Interests: Sustainable Cities, Community-Based Enterprise, Indigenous Entrepreneurship

James Floyer
B.Sc. (Geophysics, University of Edinburgh, UK)
M.Sc. (Geography, University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (Geoscience, University of Calgary)
Avalanche Forecasting Program Supervisor for Avalanche Canada
Special Interests: Avalanche forecasting and safety

Michael Geller
B.Arch (Architect, University of Toronto)
Architect, Planner, Real Estate Consultant, President of The Geller Group
Special Interests: City development, urban planning, real estate, architecture

Robin Gregory
B.A. (Yale University)
M.A. (University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)
Senior Researcher, Decision Research, Value Scope Research
Research interests: Risk management, environmental management choices

Bradford Griffin
BASc. (University of British Columbia)
MRM - Planning (Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University)
Executive Director, EMRG / University Research Associate, SFU
Research interests: climate change policy and energy management

Deborah Harford
B.A. (Simon Fraser University)
Executive Director and Co-Founder of Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT)
Research interests: climate change, sustainable adaptation

Gordon Harris
B.A. (Geography/Economics, University of Alberta)
President/CEO of SFU Community Trust
Special Interests: Urban planning development, real estate analysis

Emma Hodgson
B.Sc. (University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (University of Washington)
Research Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Research interest: migratory ecology, estuary development, quantitative fisheries ecology, population ecology

Matt Horne
B.Eng. (Dalhousie University)
MRM (Simon Fraser University)
Climate Policy Manager, City of Vancouver
Special interests: Policy design, communications, and management

Debby Ianson
B.Sc. (Physics, Queen’s University)
M.Sc. (Physics, University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. (Oceanography, University of British Columbia)
Research Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Special Interests: Oceanography, coast of B.C. and Strait of Georgia.

Werner Kurz
Diplom Holzwirt (University of Hamburg)
Ph.D. (Forestry, University of British Columbia)
Senior Research Scientist, Global Change and Landscape Ecology, Canadian Forest Service
Research Interests: Forest Ecology and management, global carbon budgets

David Marmorek
B.E.S. (University of Waterloo)
M.Sc. (University of British Columbia)
President, ESSA Technologies, Vancouver, B.C.
Research Interests: Aquatic ecology, data analysis, modelling, experimental design, monitoring, adaptive management, decision analysis.

Salvador Garcia Martinez
M.S. (Economics, OSU)
M.S. (Management of Marine Resources, OSU)
Ph.D. (Sustainable Management of the Coastal Zone, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur)
Director of the State Council of Science and Technology, Government of Baja California Sur, State Ministry of Education
Special Interests: Marine conservation in Baja, Mexico.

Noel Melton
B.Sc. (University of Calgary)
MRM (Simon Fraser University)
Project Manager, Navius Research
Research interest: energy, electric vehicle policy

Cedar Morton
B.A. (Simon Fraser University)
M.R.M. (Simon Fraser University)
Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University)
Sr. Systems Ecologist, ESSA Technologies Ltd.
Research interests: Nature-based solutions & ecosystem services (forests, marine, freshwater), climate change adaptation, transboundary river basins, bio-economic model coupling

David Patterson
B.Sc. (Biology Major, Environmental Toxicology Minor, Simon Fraser University)
M.Sc. (Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University)
Research Biologist; Program Head for the Environmental Watch Program, Science Branch, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Research Interests: migration biology of Pacific salmon, climate impacts on rivers, ecophysiology of salmon, thermal ecology, quantitative modeling of salmon survival.

Marlow Pellatt
B.Sc. (Biology, Simon Fraser University)
Ph.D. (Biology, Simon Fraser University)
Coastal Ecologist, Parks Canada
Research Interests: Coastal Ecology, Paleoecology

Jotham Peters
B.A. (Simon Fraser University)
M.R.M. (Simon Fraser University)
Managing Partner, Navius Research Inc.
Research interests: impact on climate and energy

Reto Rupf
M.Sc. (University of Zurich)
Ph.D. (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences)
Professor, Zurich University of Applied Science
Research interest: Outdoor recreation and recreation ecology, environmental planning and management, coupled human and natural systems, visitor monitoring and management, protected areas and parks, nature conservation, environmental impact assessment, choice experiments 

David Schaepe
B.A. (Anthropology, NYU)
M.A. (Archaeology, Simon Fraser University)
Ph.D. (Anthropology, University of British Columbia)
Co-Director/Senior Achaeologist, Sto:lo Research & Resource Management Centre, Sto:lo Nation/Tribal Council, B.C.
Special Interests: Conflict in and adjacent to the Coast Salish region.

David Secord
B.A. (Pomona College)
Ph.D. (University of Washington)
VP Strategic Grantmaking, Tides Canada Foundation
Research interests: Policy and decision-making, land-sea interface in coastal rain forest and tundra/sea ice systems

Daniel Selbie
B.Sc.H. (Environmental Biology, Queen’s University)
Ph.D. (Biology, Queen’s University)
Head, Lakes Research Group, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)
Research Interests: Aquatic Ecosystems
Science, Aquatic Habitat / Aquatic Environmental Science, Limnology / Freshwater ecology.

Glenn Sigurdson
Attended Osgoode Hall Law school of York University
B.A. (Economics, University of Manitoba)
Mediator and Facilitator
Research interests: Arbitrator int he workplace, commercial, and healthcare disputes

Grant Statham
Visitor Safety Specialist
Professional Memberships: Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Canadian Avalanche Association
Professional Experience: Canadian avalanche industry, avalanche control, public avalanche forecasting and consulting, risk communication, avalanche design and risk theory

William Trousdale
B.A. (University of British Columbia)
M.A. (Planning, University of British Columbia)
President, Senior Planner, EcoPlan International
Special Interests: Urban and environmental planning, development

Eric Vance
B.A. (University of British Columbia)
M.A. (University of British Columbia)
Principal, Eric Vance & Associates, Planning and Management Consultants
Research interests: Community and regional planning, economic development, organization and policy

Peter Whitelaw
B.Sc. (University of British Columbia)
M.Sc. (Planning, University of British Columbia)
Senior Planner, Sustainable Development Specialist, Modus
Special Interests: Community planning and sustainable development

Stephen Williams
B.A. (Simon Fraser University)
M.BA. (Simon Fraser University)
Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)
President and Founder, Constructive Public Engagement
Research interest: evaluation, impact measurement, and data visualization for sustainability and social change 

Michael Wolinetz
B.Sc. (Queen’s University)
M.R.M. (Simon Fraser University)
Partner, Navius Research
Research interests: Quantitative methods in emerging technologies, energy consumption, government policies