Jordan Benner

PhD Candidate

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Jordan’s research interests span a broad range of disciplines and topics, but generally involve using quantitative and qualitative tools to examine questions about forest management and sustainability. For his master’s degree, Jordan looked at the effect of tenure arrangements and policies on indicators of local benefits and evaluated ways in which communities make strategic choices and navigate tradeoffs to capture local value from forest management. For his PhD, Jordan is working in collaboration with the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department to study ecosystem-based management implementation on the Central Coast.

Although mostly focusing his attention on research in recent years, Jordan has also been involved in forest management and forest operations for the past decade and a half, including on his family’s woodlot license on Quadra Island. Past consulting projects range from developing forest management plans to conducting ecological inventories, and have allowed Jordan to keep one foot in the office and the other in the forest. In particular, Jordan’s ability to escape to his family woodlot to fall trees, drive big machines, conduct forest planning, undertake silvaculture activities, and think about inter-generational sustainability in the context of small scale forestry is key to grounding his research in reality.