Alison Gill

Professor Emeritus

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  • BA, Geography, Hull University
  • MA, Geography, University of Alberta
  • PhD, Geography, University of Manitoba


Dr. Gill is a social geographer who holds a joint appointment in the Department of Geography and the School of Resource and Environmental Management. She specializes in tourism with a focus on community development and planning issues in tourism environments. This has evolved from an earlier research interest in the planning and design of new single-industry resources communities. Dr. Gill’s research has for many years focused on issues of growth and change associated with tourism in mountain resort communities. She has received SSHRC research funding to examine such issues as growth management, corporate-community relationships and amenity migration. Institutional arrangements and the politics of place are important theoretical constructs underpinning much of her work and she is currently working on the topic of changing resort governance. She has co-organized two international conferences on the topic of mountain resort planning and development and published extensively on these topics. Dr. Gill also has research interests in coastal areas and as a Board member of the Ocean Management Research Network (OMRN) represents the interests of coastal and marine tourism in this multi-disciplinary group.

Dr. Gill has recently served as the President of the Canadian Association of Geographers. She serves on the editorial boards of “Tourism Geographies”, “Journal of Travel Research”, “Annals”, “Association of American Geographers” and the “Journal of Architectural and Planning Research”. She has recently been elected as a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and serves on the Society’s Board of Governors.

Examples of recent publications include:

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Dr. Gill teaches Community Tourism Planning and Development (REM 652).


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.