Mark Roseland

Professor Emeritus

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  • BA, Science in Society, Wesleyan University
  • MALS, Social Ecology, Wesleyan University
  • PhD, Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia
  • MCIP (Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners) and RPP (Registered Professional Planner)


Mark Roseland, Ph.D., MCIP, is Director of the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University and Professor in SFU’s School of Resource and Environmental Management. Dr. Roseland conceptualized and is currently leading development of Pando | Sustainable Communities (, a multilingual online network designed to promote knowledge-sharing and collaboration among sustainable communities researchers and practitioners around the world.

Dr. Roseland’s research and professional interests include sustainable community development, community and regional planning, planning theory and planning practice. Dr. Roseland has published widely and his work has been cited in numerous journals. He has been awarded over 30 funded research projects from a wide range of sources. In 2012, Dr. Roseland was the recipient of the SFU Sustainability Network Award for Excellence in Research on Sustainability.

Dr. Roseland’s best-selling book, Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for Citizens and Their Governments, was first published in 1992 by the Government of Canada’s National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy. A completely revised and updated fourth edition of this landmark book was published by New Society Publishers in June 2012 with the new subtitle Solutions for Citizens and Their Governments.

Dr. Roseland lectures internationally and advises communities and governments on sustainable development policy and planning. His teaching directly impacts sustainable community development by focusing student projects on current planning and development initiatives. For example, Dr. Roseland’s courses on sustainable community development have centered on projects such as the City of Vancouver’s model sustainable community being developed at Southeast False Creek and the SFU UniverCity project.

Dr. Roseland directs the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at SFU. Under his leadership, the Centre provides research, training and advisory services to the sustainable community development sector in BC, Canada and internationally through a team of associates drawn from academia and professional practice.

Other research interests include Building Community Economic Development Capacity in Latin America (CIDA, 2007-2012) and The Social Economy in British Columbia and Alberta (SSHRC, 2006-2011).

As a founding member of the SFU Community Trust’s Board of Directors, Dr. Roseland also helped create the award-winning UniverCity sustainable community development project at Simon Fraser University.

Dr. Roseland was the North American Editor of Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability and continues to serve on its Editorial Advisory Board.

Selected publications
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