Maria Spiliotopoulou

PhD Candidate

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Maria Spiliotopoulou is a Ph.D. Candidate at Simon Fraser University's School of Resource and Environmental Management and an instructor in the Sustainable Development Program. Her doctoral research focuses on the concept and metrics of urban productivity as an alternative way to advance SCD theory and practice. With increasing population clustered in cities, urban areas need to make efficient and even regenerative use of their resources while achieving maximum social, economic and ecological productivity. Her research explores the potential of productive or regenerative urban sustainability for SCD planning and assessment, and aims to offer SCD well-grounded theoretical foundations, coupled with real-world application and assessment tools that will motivate and assist communities toward sustainability and prosperity.

Maria obtained her MA in Environmental Law and two diplomas in Environmental Pollution and in European Studies from the University of Strasbourg, France, and her BA in International and European Studies from Panteion University of Political Science in Athens, Greece. She has worked as an environmental consultant in Europe; her work experience ranges from NGO-corporate partnerships to environmental studies and law consultancy.

Recent publications:

Spiliotopoulou, M., & Roseland, M. (forthcoming). Making the SDGs Relevant for Cities: Using the Community Capital Tool in British Columbia. In King, L. O., & Iyer, S. (Eds), Monitoring Sustainable Development Goals in North American Cities: Best Practices in Community Planning and Performance Measurement, Springer.

Spiliotopoulou, M., & Roseland, M. (2020). Theories and concepts influencing sustainable community development: introducing the concept of community productivity. In Phillips, R. (Ed), The Research Handbook on Community Development, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Roseland, M., & Spiliotopoulou, M. (2018). Sustainability in North America: the Canadian experience. In Brinkmann, R., & Garren, S. (Eds), The Palgrave Handbook of Sustainability: Case studies and practical solutions (pages 635-652). Palgrave Macmillan.

Roseland, M., & Spiliotopoulou, M. (2017). Sustainable Community Planning and Development. In Abraham, M. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies. Elsevier.

Roseland, M., & Spiliotopoulou, M. (2016). Converging urban agendas: Toward healthy and sustainable communitiesSocial Sciences5(3), 28.

Grants and projects:

Community resilience for corporate sustainability professionals, with the Embedding Project, Beedie School of Business (2019)

Open Educational Resources project, funded by SFU’s OER Grants (2018-19)

Flipping without flopping: combining learning approaches to best benefit students, funded by SFU’s ISTLD Teaching and Learning Development Grants (2018)

Development of a sustainability performance framework for the District of North Vancouver, supported by Mitacs Accelerate, the North Shore Community Foundation and the District of North Vancouver (2018)

Engaging Students in Sustainability Learning: Comparing Reading-related Activities in Online and In-person Courses, funded by SFU’s ISTLD Teaching and Learning Development Grants (2017)

Development of a sustainability performance framework for the City of Maple Ridge, supported by Mitacs Accelerate, the Maple Ridge Community Foundation, and the City of Maple Ridge (2017)