Applying to REM

Applications for Fall 2024 are open now and must be fully completed by closing on January 28th.  Applications that are not complete by the closing date will not be considered. Plan to start your application with enough time to resolve any issues with payments, documents or references.

All prospective graduate students apply to SFU Graduate Studies through the goGrad application system. Comprehensive application instructions are available on their website. MRM students are not expected to confirm a supervisor prior to application, but you must name supervisors you hope to work with.

To apply:

  1. Review the prerequisites.
  2. Check the application opening and closing dates. You will not be able to submit an application outside of these dates.
  3. Provide names and e-mails for three referees. Only instituional or professional email addresses will be accepted.
  4. Identify three professers you plan to name in your application. Review their research areas to be sure you are interested in working with them in their field.
  5. Submit your application, pay your application fee, then complete your application checklist. When your checklist shows all green checkmarks, it is complete. No additional confirmation will be provided. 

** Note you will not have access to the checklist until after your application fee has been processed. Allow up to three days for your fee to be processed before you access the checklist and complete your application.


  • Applicants whose native language is not English must arrange to have IELTS or TOEFL scores submitted.
    For TOEFL and TWE: SFU code 0999, REM code 46.
    For GRE: SFU code 0999, REM code 0110
  • All masters degree applicants are considered together. You will be placed in the correct stream (project, planning or thesis) once you have found a supervisor and you mutually agree to an academic plan.
  • If you receive a competing offer of admission from another University, please contact your prospective supervisor.
Application Guide

Please refer to this PDF guide for additional detail about compiling your application to REM Graduate Studies.