What qualifications do I need to apply?

The School accepts students with undergraduate or graduate training in a variety of fields including natural, applied, and social sciences, as well as business and related professional fields. The program is very competitive, so details such as grades, research interests and work experience can all help towards a successful application. Historically, successful applicants all exceed the minimum standards for admission which are set by the University. If you are a borderline applicant, your chances of success are low. Review the different graduate programs for expectations and requirements of each program. The REM graduate program is full-time with a demanding course load; ensure you are prepared to dedicate yourself to completing your studies. Part-time students are not accepted into the REM graduate program.

REM Graduate Admission Requirements
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies - Requirements (SFU minimum standards of admission. This link takes you to a different SFU website.)

If you are unsure how to figure out if your GPA is high enough, there are online calculators that can help. SFU is on a 4.33 system (A+ = 4.33, A = 4.0, etc). Please ensure that your GPA from your school exceeds the minimum 3.0 required.

Which statistics course do I need to complete?

Completing an undergraduate course in statistics is required. It is impossible to specify all the courses which would be considered appropriate to meet this requirement, so please review the requirements and then self-assess if your prior statistics coursework is sufficient. You might also send the required skills to your statistics instructor to ask their advice. Do not email documents to the department; they will not be assessed outside of the application system. Previous REM intakes have shown that successful students have a good foundation in statistics and most of the faculty consider this piece essential before you proceed into the REM graduate program.

REM Statistics Requirements

Do you accept International Students?

The admission requirements and fees are the same for international and domestic students at the graduate level. Funding for international students is very limited and you should be prepared to self-fund a significant portion of your studies. Do not expect to be fully funded if you are offered a space in the program.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies - International Students

How much is tuition and what additional fees do I have to pay?

Graduate students in REM pay a flat fee per term and it is important to note that SFU runs three terms per calendar year. Students are expected to be registered or on an approved leave of absence for all three terms. All graduate students, both international and domestic, pay the same fees for each semester they are enrolled.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies - Tuition and Fees

When can I apply?

Applications are now closed for the 2021 intake. New applications for 2022 will be accepted starting in October 2021. New student intake is only in the fall term of each year. The SFU Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies collects all SFU graduate program applications and their website also contains useful information for prospective SFU graduate students.

Where do I send my transcripts, references, and supporting documents?

Applicants upload their unofficial documentation directly into the online application system. REM will ask you to provide official transcripts if you are under consideration for a space in the program. Do not send official documentation before you are asked.

Applying to REM - What do you need to know?
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies- Application Process

I forgot to include a transcript in my application, can I add it?

Between the admission deadline (the time by which you must click "Submit" on your application) and the document deadline (the time by which you must have uploaded all of your supporting documents and all your referees must have provided their reference letters, which is two weeks later) if you discover that you missed a transcript or other key document, you can email Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to have them add these documents manually. When you contact GPS, make sure to identify yourself clearly using your Application ID number or SFU ID number, the name you applied under, and the department you are applying to. They receive thousands of emails per day, make it easy on them.

Contact SFU Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Do I need to submit GRE scores or an English Language Test?

PhD applicants need to provide a current GRE score unless your supervisor expressly waives that requirement. English language proficiency can be demonstrated by completing a four-year degree at an institution where English is the language of instruction, or by submitting IELTS or TOEFL scores. See Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for more information about English language requirements. See the SFU Calendar for additional details about graduate admission.

Will you review my documents and tell me if I will be accepted?

No. Your application must be considered alongside the entire pool of received applications, so advance evaluation of your credentials or scores will not be done. It is up to you to decide if you want to apply or not. It is important to read the admission requirements and recognize that unqualified applicants will not be considered. It is important to realize that independant research and thinking are important skills in graduate level academic study. Your ability to read through the minimum requirements and show your understanding of what is required in your application is a demonstration of your readiness to enter graduate studies.

Do I need a supervisor to be admitted to REM?

REM faculty select their graduate students. It is a good idea to review the faculty profiles  and read about their research. Faculty members are usually looking for a ‘fit’ between prospective students and their existing research. You might wish to reach out to faculty members whose work interests you while you are preparing your application, but you do not need to have an identified supervisor to apply to the program. However, you should indicate who you wish to work with in your application.

What is required for the Statement of Interest?

The application process does request you to state your research interests in a couple of different places. Many applicants are confused by the repetitive nature of the requests. You need to state your application interests so that faculty can quickly narrow down the students they may be interested in by rapidly screening for students who are interested in doing research in the fields they are working in. They will want to be able to see this quickly in the system, and then they will download the more complete Statement of Interest only for those applicants who express an interest in the relevent fields. Please just stick with the form as it is laid out and repeat your research interests where it is requested.

Statement of Research Interest

I do not meet the minimum requirements, what options do I have?

REM is a very competitive program; the majority of successful applicants exceed SFU's minimum qualifications. It’s rare that a faculty member might consider supervising a student who does not meet minimum requirements, or only just meets them. They usually have several applicants who are exceptional and do not need to draw from marginal applicants to fill the available spaces in the program. Many applicants to graduate programs hold more than one undergraduate degree. Completing a second undergraduate degree in REM can be one way to access the learning and the credentials if you aren't qualified for graduate school.

I missed the deadline, can I still apply?

The online application system closes to new applications on the date specified in the system. You must submit your preliminary information and submit your application before the application deadline. You will then have two weeks before the document deadline where you can pay your admission deposit and submit your final documents. Referees must complete the reference form before the document (later) deadline. Watch those deadlines closely as they are not flexible. Faculty have discretion to add an out-of-cycle application and can initiate this process directly with staff but it cannot be initiated by a prospective student. Meeting deadlines is an important demonstration of your readiness to undertake graduate studies.

When will I be notified if I have been accepted?

The bulk of the decisions regarding the new cohort of students will be made approximately six weeks after the document deadline. Some students may need to wait longer as there are several variables at play in making the final decision and some details are not finalized until later. Please be patient. All students will be notified regarding the final outcome of their application. It is during this time period that official transcripts may be requested. If you have concerns, please wait until eight weeks after the application deadline to make inquiries. If you opt to withdraw your application, please notify the REM office as soon as possible so that we may remove your name from consideration. (For reference, all applications for the 2020 intake were finalized by May 19th). If you receive a competing offer, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant as matching funds may be available for qualified applicants.