Master in Resource Management (MRM) Thesis

Applicants hoping to be accepted into the MRM Thesis stream need to apply to the program under the same criteria and requirement as the Project and Planning Stream applicants with the same deadlines and intake dates.

Students in the thesis stream complete seven courses and a Master's thesis. Both the Project and Thesis MRM streams require high-quality research and writing, but the thesis stream is more research intensive, producing a final thesis document which is larger in scope than a project and makes a distinct original contribution to the academic knowledge base in their field.

The program requirements are:

Thesis Stream
Students complete one of
REM 611 - Population and Community Ecology (5)
REM 631 - Earth Systems and Global Change in Environmental Management (5)

and one of
REM 642 - Sustainable Community Planning and Regional Development (5)
REM 644 - Public Policy Analysis and Administration (5)
REM 601 - No longer being offered. Speak to the Graduate Program Assistant about a suitable course substitution if you wish to pursue this option.

and all of the following
REM 621 - Ecological Economics (5)
REM 801 – Principles of Research Methods (5)
REM 698 - Field Resource Management Workshop (3)

and two graduate elective courses (6 units minimum chosen in consultation with the student’s senior supervisor)

The thesis course is considered "In Progress" until it is approved at an oral defence. Students should maintain ongoing enrollment in 697.
REM 697 – MRM Thesis (18)

Students are expected to complete the program in 6 semesters (2 years).

The MRM Thesis stream was added to the program in Fall 2018.