Brett van Poorten leads the Recreational Fisheries Science and Management group. Dr. van Poorten is an ecologist and fisheries scientist with expertise in recreational fisheries and impacts on aquatic systems. He comes to REM with over a decade working with and for the BC Provincial government, where he came to understand needs of decision makers and the vast amounts of data collected by agencies, which can be used to inform decisions. Brett specializes in modelling recreationally fished social-ecological systems, conducting decision analysis to evaluate management tactics and using structured decision making to prioritize response to established invasive species.


Rachel Chudnow is a Ph.D. student co-supervised with Scott Hinch (UBC Forestry). Rachel is examining management regulations to conserve an overwintering population of fluvial bull trout in northern BC. Her work involves establishing compensation rates in survival for juvenile bull trout using meta analysis and analyzing telemetry data to determine where and when they may be vulnerable to fishing.

Patricia Woodruff is a Ph.D. student co-supervised with Villy Christensen (UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries). Patricia focuses on large lakes and reservoirs subject to extreme fluctuations in nutrients. These systems are subject to extensive and well-known recreational fisheries and are often managed in ways that would be unavailable to smaller systems. Her work includes exploring how Shuswap Lake, BC will respond to invasion by zebra and quagga mussels, how to manage Arrow Lake, BC nutrient additions given high variation in river flow and predicting impacts of salmon re-introduction to the upper Columbia River system.