Centre for Tourism Policy Research (CTPR)

Welcome to the Centre for Tourism and Policy Research (CTPR)

The Centre for Tourism Policy and Research (CTPR) is a graduate research centre established by Simon Fraser University in cooperation with the Province of British Columbia. It operates as a research pod within the University's School of Resource and Environmental Management. The Centre's membership is comprised of faculty members and graduate students conducting research related to tourism and recreation sustainable development issues. Its overall mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge that encourages more sustainable forms of tourism development.

To achieve its mission, the Centre:

    • Provides a focal point for interdisciplinary graduate level studies and professional development related to tourism and recreation planning;
    • Encourages and conducts policy, planning and management research that enhances the effective and sustained use of tourism and recreation resources; and
    • Facilitates the distribution of leading edge tourism and recreation research findings through participation in the development and delivery of tourism seminars, workshops, conferences and publications.