Ashley Page

Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Environment and Business) - University of Waterloo
Environmental Assessment Diploma - University of Waterloo


Supervisor: Dr. Duncan Knowler

Areas of research interest: integrated water resource management, domestic water demand and supply, ecosystem service valuation, land-use planning

Master’s project title: Valuing the Water Supply Service of Temperate Coastal Rainforests in Southwestern British Columbia

Description: Ashley’s research objective is to economically value an ecosystem service in a multiple-use watershed. Her study focuses on those watersheds that must consider the tradeoffs between the supply of clean drinking water and timber harvesting. She will estimate the value of a change in a forest’s water supply service, focusing on the quality of water as it becomes degraded from timber harvesting activities. To achieve this objective, she will construct an integrated economic-ecological model. First she will model forest road induced sedimentation and consider the effects this sedimentation has on raw water quality prior to its arrival at a municipal water utility. Second, she will assess the economic value of the loss of water quality due to this sedimentation using a drinking water quality threshold analysis within a cost function valuation model. See also: Climate Change Impacts Research Consortium.

Recent Awards: VanCity Environmental Graduate Scholarship, Fall 2008; Graduate Fellowship, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Fall 2007

Funding: Forest Investment Account-Forest Science Program and Climate Change Impacts Research Consortium.