David Angus

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology - University of Victoria

Contact: dangus@sfu.ca

Supervisor: Dr. Wolfgang Haider

Areas of research interest: Non-market valuation of environmental amenities, land-use planning, parks and protected areas planning and management.

Master’s project title: Ecological goods and services: clarifying property rights, assessing costs and benefits, and proposing incentive structures in watersheds across Canada.

Description: The objective of David’s research is to propose community-compatible incentive structures that will best facilitate ecological goods and services improvements within four Canadian watersheds. To help achieve this objective, David will work with other REM researchers to: (i) examine the perspectives of watershed landowners and local community members about property rights and responsibilities for ecological goods and services; (ii) conduct benefit-cost analyses of actions taken by landowners to improve ecological goods and services in each watershed; (iii) conduct contingent valuation of ecological goods and services by eliciting stakeholders’ ‘willingness to pay’ for these services, and  ‘willingness to accept’ compensation for their loss using stated preference choice models. [learn more]

Profile: David comes to REM from Victoria, where, after completing his undergraduate degree in Anthropology, his great passion for BC’s wildlife and outdoors led him to a career as a whale watching guide and manager.  His experience in the whale watching industry fostered a deep concern for BC’s whales and wildlife.  Later work experience in Chile, as a rural tourism consultant for the Provincial government of Valparaiso, exposed him to the shortcomings of traditional cost-benefit analysis in tourism development.  This experience  convinced David of the importance of establishing economic values for environmental goods and services to support more ecologically sustainable policy and planning decisions.  David’s love of the outdoors, his work experiences and his studies in Anthropology bring a unique perspective to his current research. David is currently a teaching assistant at REM, the co-chair of the Planning Student’s Association at SFU, and a student member of the Planning Institute of BC.