Gillian Fielding

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science), Dalhousie University

Supervisor: Dr. Murray Rutherford

Areas of research interest: Sustainable water resource management, climate change adaptation strategies, and integrated watershed management.

Profile: Gillian’s avid interest in environmental issues sparked at a young age while growing up in a coastal community in New Brunswick. Upon completion of high school she attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she was able to explore her passion for environmental issues through completing a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in environmental sciences. Throughout her degree she focused primarily on biological conservation and completed an honours thesis titled “Barriers to Fish Passage in Nova Scotia: The Evolution of Water Control Barriers in Nova Scotia’s Watershed”. The primary output of her research resulted in the first mapping of aquatic habitat loss over time due to the construction of water control structures across Nova Scotia’s watersheds. Throughout her honours research, she was a member of Dalhousie University’s Hydrologic Systems Research Group and collaborated with Nova Scotia Environment where she contributed to the Nova Scotia Watershed Assessment Program (NSWAP), an ongoing initiative to provide a survey of major watersheds in Nova Scotia and their impacts from land cover change, water availability, and vulnerability to climate change.
Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree, Gillian has since moved to Pemberton, British Columbia and has continued to be involved in water related issues, as she has been appointed as the Pacific regional representative for the Canadian Water Network Students and Young Professionals Committee. Throughout her experiences, Gillian has been absorbed by the complexity and substantial uncertainty that exists with respect to sustainable water management in a changing climate. The vastness of this problem has motivated her to continue fostering her passion for water related research by pursuing a Master’s degree in the Resource and Environmental Management program at Simon Fraser University, where Gillian will continue to engage in water related research with the Water Research Group.