Joel Pipher

Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry – University of British Columbia


Supervisor: Dr. Wolfgang Haider

Joel’s interest in water and environmental issues stems from his background growing up in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. As one of the driest regions in Canada, the Okanagan is very susceptible to increased water stress from factors like population growth and climate change. Living in the Okanagan has also fostered Joel’s interest in wine and viticulture. He has a BSc. in Biochemistry from UBC and is looking to expand his knowledge of water management, planning, and policy at REM. As both a Canadian and Australian citizen, Joel seeks to compare water policies and management practices between these two nations. Joel is currently working as a research assistant for Steve Conrad (REM PhD Candidate & Water Research Group Chair) on an integrated water demand study in the Okanagan. Joel is also a student member of the Planning Institute of BC.