Meaghan Hennessey

Bachelor of Science - Environmental Studies - University of British Columbia
Masters of Resource Management (Planning) - Simon Fraser University’s School of Resource and Environmental Management

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Areas of research interest: Sustainable water resource management, water conservation policy and planning, knowledge translation and transfer, environmental behavior and perception.

Masters Thesis: Hennessy, M. Understanding the Blockages: Stakeholder perceptions of greywater reuse in Metro Vancouver. M.R.M. research project no. 466, School of Resource and Environmental Management. Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University

Description: Greywater reuse - using water from sinks, showers and laundry to flush toilets and irrigate landscapes - is often cited as a management technique with potential to increase the efficiency of urban water use. Yet, in spite of government interest and opportunities for water conservation and environmental protection, only approximately 3% of British Columbia’s total wastewater is being recycled. Understanding the barriers to greywater reuse would aid resource managers in designing better policies and facilitating appropriate implementation. In the present study, Q methodology is used to explore key stakeholder perspectives concerning the presence and relative importance of possible barriers to greywater reuse in Metro Vancouver. Three distinct perspectives (Institutional Reformers, Centralized Managers and Technical Pragmatists) are identified and illustrated. Points of consensus and conflict among the three perspectives are illuminated and used to discern options for approaching the identified barriers.

Awards and Funding: Graduate Fellowship, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Fall 2006: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Masters Scholarship, 2007/08.

Profile: Meaghan graduated from the University of British Columbia with an Honours Degree in Environmental Sciences. During her undergrad she focused on atmospheric processes and physical oceanography, and completed an honors thesis examining precipitation and temperature trends along the Pacific Coast of North America. Meaghan’s love of wind, waves and water extends from her academic pursuits to her professional life as one of the top Paddle Canada sea-kayaking instructors. She has been teaching kayaking for over ten years and loves to apply her academic understanding to her paddling adventures. Meaghan is also an avid photographer and a web-development dabbler.
After completing her MRM, Meaghan spent 13 months living in the United Kingdom attending Oxford University’s Environmental Lecture Series. Concurrently, she and two other REM grads established Confluence Consulting Ltd., a Vancouver Based organization that provides creative and professional research and communications solutions and services to Governments, NGO’s, and Industry.