Tyson Daoust

Bachelor of Arts, Geography (Honours) - Saint Mary’s University

Email: dtd2@sfu.ca

Supervisor: Dr. Wolfgang Haider

Areas of research interest: marine conservation and planning, sustainable water conservation and management, tourism planning and sustainable community economic development

Profile: Tyson received his undergraduate degree from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in (honours) Geography, where he focused on environmental management and physical processes. His honours research focused on improving the efficiency and capacity of community-based environmental water monitoring groups. Tyson’s research findings have been incorporated into the planning strategies of a number of environmental monitoring groups.
Currently, Tyson is completing a master’s degree in Resource and Environmental Management with Dr. Wolfgang Haider.  Their research focuses on marine conservation planning and management in the Canadian Arctic, where Tyson spent time in a number of Inuit communities conducting field research. Though not currently involved in specific water resource research, Tyson is very interested and passionate about water-related issues both domestically and internationally.