Research and Activities

Water Economics and Planning

Economic Valuation of Watershed Ecosystem Services

Water Research Foundation Project 4469 - Joint water and electric planning tournament

Water and Ecology

Modeling Impacts of Run-of-River Hydroelectric Projects

Water Governance and Policy

Transboundary Water Governance & Climate Change Adaptation

Integrated Water Modelling & Adaptive Governance

Decsision-making at the Water-Energy Nexus

Current Studies - A collaborative study with the City of Kelowna, the Southeast Kelowna Irrigation District, and other partners on residential water use in the Okanagan.

Water and Electric Utility Integrated Planning - A Water Research Foundation funded project investigating and advising on how water and electric utilities may engage in integrated planning and the associated costs and benefits. - A collaborative study with the South East Kelowna Irrigation District, the BC Fruit Growers’ Association, and other partners on agricultural water use in British Columbia.

Current Activities

WSA REM Water Group Recommendations Nov 2013 - The formal response by the water research group to the October 2013 Legislative proposal for a Water Sustainability Act for BC. In the letter we applaud the ministry’s efforts, and we also note some opportunities for improvement in the proposed legislation. These improvements relate to environmental flows, monitoring and review, policy harmonization, public participation, First Nations participation, and water pricing.

Mapping Conservation in Transboundary Basins - An interactive choropleth map and graph illustrating in which internationally shared river basins co-riparian states are doing the best job of protecting land that is of high conservation value (may take a minute to load).