Internal Research Support through the Office of the Vice-President, Research

The Community Trust Endowment Fund (CTEF) channels revenue from the UniverCity development to support the development of major cross-faculty research projects under the seven major initiatives outlined in the University's Strategic Research Plan (SRP).

SFU works to ensure that scholarly endeavors in the social sciences and humanities be supported through SSHRC small grants and travel grants, SSHRC 4A grants, university publication grants, and the provision of library resources. Please go to the Internal SFU Opportunities page for more information. To increase participation in programs for major projects such as SSHRC's Partnership/Partnership Development and Insight/Insight Development, as well as in social science research funded by the different provincial and federal ministries, support for grant preparation and administration is provided.

An essential part of SFU’s vision for an institution that is student-centered, research-driven and community-engaged is to provide increased opportunities for students to obtain early, hands-on experience in research. The Office of the Vice-President, Research lobbies the federal government for increased support for student research and training and works with SFU International to expand opportunities for research exchanges with leading companies and institutions worldwide.

In addition, the Vice-President, Research has instituted an internal Ph.D. graduate scholarship program for students in the Humanities, funded from the Community Trust Endowment Fund, and a program for undergraduate research assistants from the Vice-President, Research budget.