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Our Vision

SFU is engaging research. We deliver academic and research excellence. Building on a solid foundation of fundamental research, we are committed to disseminating knowledge and harnessing new ideas and innovations for the benefit of society. Our research vision is defined by our 2016-2022 Strategic Research Plan (SRP). The SRP positions the university to continue to grow its capacity in research and knowledge mobilization across diverse sectors. Our university-wide strategic initiatives align with our research vision, supporting students and faculty members to carry out research for good. SFU ranks among Canada’s top 15 research universities and enjoys the fastest growing research income.



SFU's 2016-2022 Strategic Research Plan identifies four research clusters that enable researchers to tackle large crosscutting challenges, while creating and capitalizing on distinct advantages for global leadership. The research clusters are defined by a strong core of researchers from diverse disciplines who use innovative approaches and methods to drive impactful outcomes.

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SFU's Strategic Research Initiatives

Contributing to our 2016-2022 Strategic Research Plan, SFU's university-wide strategic initiatives support students and faculty members to accelerate transformative discoveries for positive social and economic impact.

SFU Innovates

SFU Innovates is the university’s innovation strategy with a mission to engage SFU researchers, staff and students with our communities and partners to solve societal challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship.


SFU's Big Data Hub

Through SFU's Big Data Hub we are building on a decade of leadership in the field of big data, investing in advanced research computing to accelerate scholarship and innovation by bringing new data tools and resources to all members of our campus community.


SFU Knowledge Mobilization

SFU is committed to providing sustained resources to support researchers in sharing their findings with wider communities in meaningful ways. This commitment to knowledge mobilization is intended to facilitate wider public engagement with research and deepen connections between researchers and knowledge users.


SFU's Community-Engaged Research initiative

SFU is committed to developing a new social infrastructure within the university, to entrench and expand our capacity to lead community-engaged research. We will do this through the development of a one-of-a-kind centre for Community-Engaged Research that will be unique in Canada and a leader around the world.