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Compliance is a state of being in accordance with established guidelines and policies. The university is legally responsible for the conduct of research and the management of internal and external funds. It also supports and encourages the maintenance of the highest professional, ethical and safety standards in research and scholarship. You, as Principal Investigator, should meet all compliance requirements throughout the duration of your sponsored research.

Animal Care Services

University Animal Care Committee, animal use training and orientation, booking lab space with Animal Care Services.


The SFU Biosafety Policy R 20.02 defines biohazards, outlines responsibilities of their use and administration, and provides procedures regarding permits for biologically hazardous work. Researchers whose work falls under the policy are required to apply for a Biosafety Permit.

Legal Compliance

Types of agreement, agreement execution, contract and agreement FAQs

Malware, dangerous computers, and dangerous computer files

Information and procedures related to the use and research of malware, dangerous computers and dangerous computer files.

Open-access requirements

SFU's open access requirements for researchers

Research compliance

Protocol development, conflict of interest, financial conflict of interest (FCOI) - US funds

Radiation Safety

The SFU Radiation Safety Policies R 20-04 and R 20-05 and govern the use of radiological non-iodizing radiation safety at SFU. For further information, refer to the Radiation Safety Program.