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Industry Engagement at SFU has undergone a transformation to better serve the Simon Fraser University community. 

Why the restructuring?

  • Simon Fraser University’s Industry Engagement (IE) Office is a service for faculty, intended to give them support for protecting and commercializing intellectual property (IP). 
  • An external consultant was hired to review and make recommendations regarding the way the office is structured and how it does business, including an assessment of what roles/positions are in place.


What did we decide and when will changes take place?

  • After the external review of the IE Office, we decided to move forward with the consultant's recommendations for significant change. 
  • The office has been restructured to focus on IP protection and technology licensing. 
  • This new structure is being launched in spring 2020. 


What happens in the interim? Will I still receive my license payments? Will my patent be renewed?

  • The office draws upon core staff from Research Operations for legal, clerical and financial work. These individuals remain in place to monitor and manage the patent portfolio, deal with license revenue and complete negotiations with licensees. 
  • We have also engaged an additional IP-specialist lawyer for the interim period.
  • The office is able to receive and assess new disclosures, and will continue work on existing files where licensees have been identified. 

If you have further questions, please email SFU's Executive Director, Research Operations, Trevor Davis at (Acting Director, IE).