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SFU enjoys the fastest growing research income among research universities in Canada, having surpassed $100-million in 2013 and reached $161-million in 2019.

The university ensures that, wherever possible, these developments get out into the world to drive innovation and change. The Technology Licensing Office (TLO) is a key part of this innovation strategy. Here, the team focuses specifically on protecting and licensing technology and other IP. If the innovation is ready for market, staff will lead the development of a patent protection strategy, including patent management, portfolio management and patent analysis for SFU inventors.

The TLO is a key piece of the university’s innovation framework, which includes SFU programs like Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection®, our flagship program for early-stage ventures, and SFU Venture Labs, our business accelerator.

Protecting your Research Data and Intellectual Property

The Government of Canada recently released a suite of tools and information for researchers on protecting their research data and intellectual property from theft or misuse. The “Safeguarding Your Research” portal will help researchers self-evaluate and take actions to mitigate the risks of theft or misuse of knowledge and results associated with research, partnerships and international travel. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of such tools; there have been repeated efforts to gain illegal access to Canadian research on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Universities Canada and the U15 have also developed practical tools to help researchers consider security risks that can be associated with international research partnerships and travel.

Invention disclosure

SFU's Technology Licensing team will soon be fully staffed to provide different options for protecting your intellectual property (IP) to help maximize its value to industry and community. The office is currently staffed with a Director who can guide client counselling and patent protection up to patent management, portfolio management and patent analysis for SFU inventors.


IP policy

Policy R30.03 on Intellectual Property was approved by the SFU Board of Governors on July 22, 2004 and is in effect for intellectual property (IP) created after that date.

A creator who elects to commercialize his/her IP must disclose such election in writing, as described in Appendix B, Commercialization Procedures. Disclosures using the Intellectual Property Disclosure Form, Appendix C to the Policy.

Information on other policies pertaining to research at SFU can be reviewed on the Policies and Procedures website.

Last updated: September 15, 2021