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SFU’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) (formerly Industry Engagement) has undergone a transformation to better serve the Simon Fraser University community.

Frequently asked questions


What is the role of SFU’s Technology Licensing Office?

SFU’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) supports the university’s innovation strategy, SFU Innovates. The TLO provides services and support for intellectual property (IP) protection and technology licensing. As the TLO team consults with SFU stakeholders in the coming months, further details will be added here. For now, the following services and support are being considered:

  • Seminars for faculty, graduate students and university researchers in strategic management of IP. 
  • Advice and due diligence on IP protection for faculty, staff and student inventions. 
  • Advice on allocation of SFU resources to file and manage IP protection. 
  • Promoting the SFU portfolio of patents to industry. 
  • Facilitating matchmaking between SFU researchers and potential entrepreneurial co-founders, licensees, mentors, educational programs and accelerators. 


Who can use the services offered by the TLO?

  • The new office expands support for faculty, graduate students and university researchers in the strategic management of the IP they generate through their inventions.
  • The updated service model is intended to boost the capacity of SFU innovators to make it easier to turn the ideas generated at the university into commercially viable and/or impactful products and services. 


 Where can I find support for industry partnership development? 

  • Over the coming months the VPRI office will be reaching out to invite SFU stakeholders to inform the TLO’s technology licensing services and knowledge transfer activities. This outreach and consultation is intended to create a stronger service model that boosts the capacity of SFU innovators.
  • As part of this outreach, VPRI will seek new and existing collaborations within SFU to help broaden partnership opportunities with industry, governments, communities and non-profits.
  • In the meantime, SFU inventors can reach out to their faculty Industry Liaison Officer(s) or message for support on industry partnership development.


When will the new Technology Licensing Office be fully operationalized? 

  • In May 2020, Elicia Maine, joined the VPRI as Special Advisor on Innovation, and will oversee SFU Innovates including the TLO. The Special Advisor role within VPRI aims to provide leadership, integration, and alignment for innovation initiatives at Simon Fraser University. In June 2020, Kamaldeep Sembi (Kam) joined the office as the new Director of the TLO. Kam’s background as an engineer and lawyer will guide client counselling and patent protection up to patent management, portfolio management and patent analysis for SFU inventors.
  • Over the summer and fall 2020, the TLO will be further staffed up to deliver services and support for intellectual property (IP) protection and technology licensing.


What happens in the interim until the TLO is fully set-up to accept new clients? Will I still receive my license payments? Will my patent be renewed? 

  • Research Operations will continue to draw upon core staff for legal, clerical and financial work. These individuals are in place to monitor and manage the patent portfolio, deal with license revenue and complete negotiations with licensees. 
  • We have also engaged an additional IP-specialist lawyer for the interim period.
  • The office is able to receive and assess new disclosures, and will continue work on existing files where licensees have been identified. 

If you have further questions, please email SFU's Director, Technology Licensing Office, Kamaldeep Sembi (Kam) at