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Managing the administrative aspects of a sponsored research project is critical to meeting your fiscal, administrative and technical/scientific contractual obligations. Succeeding at these aspects of your award is as important as succeeding at technical/scientific aspects to establish good relationships with sponsors and builds credentials required to win more and larger research awards in the future. It is good practice to review the award management and reporting requirements even before you apply for a funding opportunity.

Having a research project manager (RPM) is critical to the success of larger, more complex institutional projects and some sponsors allow you to request funding to hire an RPM as part of your budget. In some cases, the Research Project Management team in SFU’s Institutional Strategic Awards office can provide assistance.


Award closure

Closeout responsibilities, award closure checklist, residual balances, sub-award closeouts, final reporting

Account setup

Required documents, set up process, how to avoid common delays

Changes in status

Parental leave, medical leave, sabbatical/research leave, resignation

Claiming eligible expenses

Guidelines of eligible expenses, eligible expenses for Tri-Agency programs

No-cost extensions

Automatic extensions, not-automatic extentions, no-cost extension of Tri-Agency programs

Ownership of research equipment

Based on SFU Policy A 30.08, equipment purchased from research grants or with university funds (including internal research funds) belongs to the university

Project changes (for Tri-Agency programs)

Deferral of instalment and early termination information for Tri-Agency programs

Research data management

Research data, record keeping, data management services and policies

Transferring funds

Sub award transfers, transferring funds to co-investigators at other institutions

Transferring signing authority

Delegating signing authority, authorizing research expenditures