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The format and content of a grant proposal depends upon the sponsor's requirements. Most sponsors have specific policies and procedures, including guidelines for font and margin sizes, page limitations, and the use of appendices. It is imperative that you obtain the most recent version of the sponsor's guidelines and instructions prior to beginning to write your proposal.

Before you start

Before developing a research proposal for an external funding opportunity, it is important to know whether you are submitting application for a grant or a contract; whether you are eligible to apply for the funds; whether you or SFU needs to make the final submission; and to understand the university's internal policies and processes with regards to sponsored research.

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Award and approval

Award results communication, types of award approvals, receiving an award.

Develop your budget

Direct costs, indirect costs, overhead FAQs, budget development

Develop your proposal

Types of proposal, factors to consider, where to get help

Review and submit

Internal review, e-submission, FAQs