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Any research involving human participants, including secondary data, and human biological materials that is conducted by any Faculty, employee, student of Simon Fraser University, or Adjunct Faculty member of any Department, School, or non-Departmentalized Faculty of Simon Fraser University must be reviewed and approved by SFU Research Ethics Board (REB) before the research can begin.

Undergraduate and graduate courses including Directed Studies that require or permit students to participate in research projects as part of their training or for the purpose of assessment, may be required to receive ethics approval before the course begins. Applications for course approvals are made by the Dean, Director/Chair or Instructor of the course. The course application can be selected once the Instructor has been registered and enters the application system.

No intervention or interaction with human participants in research, including recruitment and collection of data, may begin until the research protocol, consent documents and recruitment materials have been reviewed and approved.

Exemption from REB Review

Some studies may be exempt from REB review.  Please contact Research Ethics at for more information. Note, in some cases, an exemption letter is required from research ethics.

For some examples of exemptions, please refer to the Graduate Student Checklist.

Last updated: November 19, 2019