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Life Cycle of a Research Study


Life Cycle of a Research Study

Please see our quick guides and training videos on how to submit applications and post-approval activities here.

Secondary use of existing data, or human biological materials (including skeletal remains)

Secondary use refers to the use in research of information or human biological materials (including skeletal remains) originally collected for a purpose other than the current research purpose/project.

To make an application for secondary use, please click yes to the secondary use question in the ethics application form. You must include the following documents in your ethics application when applying for secondary use:

  1. A letter or email from the data custodian giving you permission to use their dataset for your project.
  2. Proof that the original dataset was collected with consent for future use. This means that participants in the original study where the data was collected consented to their data being retained by the data custodian for researchers to use in future ethically approved research studies. This could mean including the consent from the original study where it is clearly stated that participants agree for their data to be retained and used for future ethically approved research. 
  3. Your TCPS2 CORE Tutorial Certificate 
Last updated: April 16, 2021