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Ethics applications must be submitted through the Office of Research Ethics Database (requires Flash) for all research studies and course approvals. 

Note: If your study has previously been approved by another BC Institution, please review our Multi-Jurisdictional Research page before submitting your documents for review.

Before you apply, you must register on-line, complete the registration form, and submit your registration. After the ORE receives the request to be registered you will receive a response from confirming your registration. You must use your SFU email address to register. For details, refer to Registration to ORE Site.

For the purposes of the ethics application, only ONE principal investigator can be assigned and that principal investigator must be a SFU faculty, staff or graduate student. If you are a student, staff, or Post-Doctoral Fellow, you must add ONE SFU supervisor to the application.

If you are an undergraduate student, your supervisor must submit the application.

The initial application must include a detailed description of the study (protocol, study detail etc.); consent documents and any research instruments to be used in the study, if applicable. All documents should be uploaded in PDF format.

Note, if your application has received funding, please refer to Funding Information.

Below you will find blank copies of the ethics application form, study checklist and risk analysis checklist:

These documents will be available for you to complete when you log-in to the study database and begin your application. We have provided them here for you to review prior to starting your application online.

Note: All Graduate Students must complete the TCPS2 CORE tutorial and submit the TCPS2 CORE tutorial certificate with their ethics application.

    Thank you for your ethics application! Attached to you Initial Review of Ethics Application email was your Initial Review Letter. The letter contains all of the provisos from the REB. To respond to the provisos, follow the instructions below: 

    1. Review your Initial Review Letter.
      1. Respond to each proviso in the letter using bold font or track changes
      2. This response letter facilitates our review and is essential for responding to REB provisos. Responses will not be reviewed without your response letter.
    2. Make any requested changes to the study documents using track changes.
    3. Ensure the version number and version date on any revised documents has been updated.
    4. Convert any revised study documents to PDF format
    5. Once your response letter and revised documents are ready, reply to the Initial Review of Ethics Application email 
    6. Attach revised documents and any requested additional documents to the email
    7. Check that the ethics application number is in square brackets [..] AND is cc’d on the email
    8. Send the email! Your response will be reviewed in sequence. We will reach out of there are any additional clarifications.  


    After you submitted your application, you will not be able to go back into the database to make changes. After the application is submitted, you are given ‘read only’ access.  Please send an email to citing your study number in square brackets in the subject line (e.g. [2008s0679]) and attach your revised documents in PDF format. Be sure to highlight the sections in the revised document showing where the change(s) occur and include a current version date in the footer of the document.

    Last updated: March 9, 2020