March 05, 2021

Membership Cards for 2021-2022. 

Membership is complimentary for this year


This is the time of year when SFURA membership renewals are due. The Board has discussed how to handle this in view of not being able to host our annual Ides of March reception in person.

The Board has decided to automatically renew all current and previous members for free for the upcoming year (1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022). We have the means to temporarily forego the normal membership fee because we have not incurred the usual expenditures for almost a year.

This means that for this year only, membership is complimentary for you and for all because of the unusual circumstances. In normal times, new members are free for the first year and 85+ members are free for life.  If you have already paid for the next membership year or beyond, we will adjust your next due date accordingly.

Please fill in the form below, and help us update contact information, and choose if you would like to receive your cards via postal service. We WILL NOT be mailing cards unless we hear from you! (Cards not mailed out will be held in the SFURA office for future pickup).

NOTE: If you do not need your card for parking, select “no card needed".

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We will be sending out your card within a week of receiving your request. Thank-you for your patience.