The Marg Jones Stakes: Hastings Racetrack

August 29, 2022


Simon Fraser University Retirees Association  


Presents….yet once again... 

A Day at the Races:  The Marg Jones Stakes  

Hastings Park, Vancouver  

Monday, August 29, 2022 

I'm pleased to announce that arrangements have been made for a resurrection of our annual Day at the Races at Hastings Racetrack. The "Marg Jones Stakes" (as it's known to SFURA members) will be run on Monday, August 29th.  The post time for the first race is  2 pm.    

On this day, Silks Restaurant offers a (quite good) buffet for a cost of $34.99. The buffet opens at 12:00 pm and closes at 3:30 pm.  You can take your buffet meal to your betting table so no need to come early.  Each person or group will be responsible for their own restaurant and bar bill.    

I have reserved 25 places in Silks Restaurant, including a table on the main floor for those with mobility problems. The area is enclosed and air-conditioned, and has its own betting counters.  You may also go down to the track to assess the nags’ qualities and/or watch the races from there.   If you plan to attend please email me at  I need to confirm numbers prior to race day so that Silks can plan seating accordingly.  

To park, enter through PNE Gates #6 or #9 off Renfrew Street.  In the past if you told the attendant that you are going to Hastings Racecourse you would get a special parking ticket that you can exchange for a Live Racing Program.  I’m not sure if this is still the case, but if not programs are available for sale at the entrance to Silks Restaurant. 

Walk through the Clubhouse Entrance, and take the elevator to Silks Restaurant.  A Customer Service Representative will direct or escort you to our reserved section.  There will be eight races, so you can come early and stay until the end (approximately 6 pm) or leave after you have enjoyed a few races and refreshments, or you've spent all your betting money.  

You can visit the track website at

Reminder: if you plan to attend please email me with names and numbers at   We're off and running!  It’s good to be back.  

Tom O'Shea


ex-Past-President, SFU Retirees Association